Jul. 10th, 2013

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This week I’ve been spinning MOAR BFL from that 1 lb. bag I got from a local farm. It is SO SOFT I WANT TO SQUISH IT ALL THE TIME. I am going to be spoilt for other fibers I tell you.) I also spun the last ounce or so of some alpaca I’d gotten at, of all places, a garden market. (The farmers were there with their alpacas and I marched up to them and went, “Do you have fiber for spinning?” It was great! They did, obviously.)

Then I dyed the fiber I spun, some of it with natural dyes even! All was attempted with natural dyes, but the avocado did not cooperate, so that yarn got dyed with other dye I had on hand. Oh well, one can’t have everything.

Four hanks of yarn, two dyed shades of pink and two shades of cream/beige.

Four hanks of yarn, two dyed shades of pink and two shades of cream/beige.

The beige one on the left was dyed with paprika, which the website I found said would result in a “pale orange” color. Well, I was not expecting *that* pale an orange, but it works for me. The beige one on the bottom of the pale on the right is still wet; I dyed it with yellow day lilies from my neighbor’s garden. I was expecting a slightly different color, but it works with the others so I’m happy.

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