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This week I’ve been spinning MOAR BFL from that 1 lb. bag I got from a local farm. It is SO SOFT I WANT TO SQUISH IT ALL THE TIME. I am going to be spoilt for other fibers I tell you.) I also spun the last ounce or so of some alpaca I’d gotten at, of all places, a garden market. (The farmers were there with their alpacas and I marched up to them and went, “Do you have fiber for spinning?” It was great! They did, obviously.)

Then I dyed the fiber I spun, some of it with natural dyes even! All was attempted with natural dyes, but the avocado did not cooperate, so that yarn got dyed with other dye I had on hand. Oh well, one can’t have everything.

Four hanks of yarn, two dyed shades of pink and two shades of cream/beige.

Four hanks of yarn, two dyed shades of pink and two shades of cream/beige.

The beige one on the left was dyed with paprika, which the website I found said would result in a “pale orange” color. Well, I was not expecting *that* pale an orange, but it works for me. The beige one on the bottom of the pale on the right is still wet; I dyed it with yellow day lilies from my neighbor’s garden. I was expecting a slightly different color, but it works with the others so I’m happy.


BFL dyed with day lilies after dyeing and spinning (top of photo) and undyed BFL below for color contrast on a red fleece blanket

Here’s a shot to show you that it did actually change color. It’s still wet in this photo, so it may change shades slightly again. Also, the lighting is terrible. Sorry.

I am a bit of a flibbertigibbet when it comes to dyeing yarn. I will dye chunky yarn in small batches because I want to “test” it, and I know I can always make something with small amounts of yarn.

But now…now I have about 200 yards of yarn that is of similar weight, and it all goes together nicely color-wise.

I am thinking of making the “Shrug This” shrug on Ravelry. Pretty sure I can get gauge, and the pattern only calls for 150 yards so that gives me a bit of breathing room. Plus, I still have some BFL left so I could always spin/dye moar.

Oh, and I almost forgot (this is getting to be a long entry, wow), I have just finished knitting a scarf. This is a work-in-progress close up photo. I kind of thought for about half of it that I would frog it, because TEAL and YELLOW are a very, um, colorful combination. But I think I decided it works.

Close up of a teal and yellow striped garter stitch scarf knit the long way in a very loose gauge

That’s all, folks! (At least for now, heh.)


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