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…from me, of course. *g* OMG I HAVE A SPINNING WHEEL.

Oh goodness, it has wood worms, or had wood worms at some point. But we figured out how to treat them (permethrin apparently works, and is easily obtainable).

I have no idea if she (because this wheel is a she, obviously) even still works, but she’s gorgeous and cleaned up really nicely. And and and she’s obviously been used, because there are bits of fluff in the bobbin.

If she doesn’t work, she’s going to sit decoratively on the porch because Certain People have always wanted a decorative spinning wheel. I, however, want a working spinning wheel and have Grand Plans for DIY fix-it-ness.

I have also never spun on a spinning wheel, with the reasoning that if I didn’t spin on a spinning wheel then I wouldn’t want one and rush out and impulsively get one. You can see how well that plan worked…ahem.
If anyone knows what this particular maker’s mark means, I’d be really grateful figuring it out because I’d love to know the provenance of my wheel.

She is obviously hand-crafted because so many things are hand-shaped and not machine made. I think something I read said that means early 1800s ish? IDEK.

What is this piece I don’t know?

I had to replace this leather piece on the treadle because the leather was brittle and came off. Good thing I randomly have deerskin in my house?


PS Sorry for the lack of good description for the photos, I don't know the names of many of the parts and I'm very squeeful right now, so most of my descriptions at the moment would be "the wooden thing with the metal thing and eeeeeeeeeeeee"
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