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Most of the blog articles I read on dyeing yarn with red cabbage said that I would get a pale purple color if I used vinegar in the dye process, or a sage green if I used baking soda. It all has to do with the pH balance. I decided to be a rebel and use vinegar and cream of tartar.

As a result, I got a delicate shade of pale pink yarn which somewhat resembles the inside of a grapefruit (only paler). I could probably have left it for longer and gotten a darker color, but it was actually exactly what I was going for to match the other colors in the handspun wingspan shawl I’m knitting.

photo of the yarn

I’m really quite pleased, because it could’ve gone horribly wrong and didn’t. My failed avocado experiment must have appeased some law of Karma or Goddess of Yarn Dyeing.


close-up of the yarn


Now if only it would dry so I could knit with it. :)

Date: 2013-07-15 01:09 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] tyger
tyger: Sora's fist-in-the-air sprite from Re:coded.  Text: Hell yeah! (Sora - hell yeah!)
That is So. Cool. :D :D :D (I <3 you, cabbage~~)

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