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Wait, I thought when someone told me that fiber arts guilds are alive and well, I can spin and knit and geek out and get to be in something called a GUILD???

Yes, my friends, it is true. There are three fiber guilds in my geographic region (how did I not know this?), and today I went to my first meeting.

A lot of the meeting was devoted to planning an upcoming spinning and weaving demonstration at a local historic faire. It sounds awesome and I hope I can help out if my body cooperates.

There was also a show and tell of various members’ latest finished objects; there are obviously many talented people there! Some women had woven hand towels, others knitted beaded shawls, still others made socks to die for. I showed off one of my handspun shawls for kicks and it seemed to go over well.

I’m most excited about the Spinning Study Group I’ve joined; there just happened to be one more spot. There are 23 one ounce samples of different breeds of wool and we are going to spin them outside of the guild time and then discuss them after meetings. What was good about each fiber? What was lacking?

If you’re interested in finding out more about fiber guilds in your area, check out this international directory of fiber arts guilds.

Guilds also offer benefits such as (though not always) group sales at craft shows; lending libraries; equipment sharing; shared knowledge; comraderie. I should hope the last one is a given :)

Plus, you get to say you’re in a guild.
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