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Earth handspun shawl hand knit
triangular shawl hanging from a fence gate. The shawl is knit from chunky handspun with a brown/white twist as the main color and a few stripes of a white/multicolor twist and a brown/multicolor twist.

Driving back and forth to the beach, I finished knitting a glorious shawl made from my handspun yarn. (I should clarify, I was not knitting and driving.) It is a warm and snuggly triangular shawl with stripes of three different 2-ply yarns, which are blends of some of the same fibers.

The main color is a yarn I dubbed “chocolate Escher,” and is a thick-and-thin 2-ply blend of imported British Black Welsh Mountain sheep’s wool and local Virginia Finnsheep. The two contrasting colors are plyed with an “art batt” from a Loudon, Virginia, USA farm cooperative that is labelled “mostly wool” (but contains some small amounts of acrylic and other yarns for texture and color, please be aware if you have any allergies). The cream/art batt blend is an ultra-soft Targhee sheep from the Montana/Wyoming area. The chocolate/art batt blend is more of the Black Welsh Mountain sheep and the art batt.

I had a lot of fun knitting this yarn because it was all from my hands, and from the hands of farmers and from the wonderful animals who provided these fibers.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

(For the curious, it’s on Etsy. I decided not to keep it because I already have All The Shawls. Moar photos on Etsy.)

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