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This hat is available as a finished product on my Etsy Store.

Pattern Notes:
This hat makes me think of gardening in late fall in early winter (pruning, raking, putting the garden to bed with a last layer of mulch, etc.) and hikes in the woods past raspberry hedges. I liked knitting this hat because while there are sections of more complex stitches to keep things interesting, they are interspersed with "zombie knitting" to give the knitter a break for those times when you have to put the kettle on or the kids are screaming. As a side note, you may want to practice Raspberry Stitch and Wildflower Knot in your swatch so you get the hang of them (just remember to do them in the round or convert to back-and-forth knitting!) before you begin knitting the hat. Just remember that they will distort the swatch, so be sure to take your gauge measurements from a section of stockinette. Do choose a yarn that does not split easily, or you will want to strangle someone.

Cascade 220 Superwash, Colorway "Aporto" (Color No 856), 100 grams per ball, 1 ball. Can substitute any worsted weight yarn as long as you get gauge and it does not split easily (as you will be purling and knitting three together multiple times).

US #8 16" circular needle (if desired)
set of US #8 double-pointed needles (or second circular needle) for top of hat
*or size needed to obtain gauge*

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